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Designing a modern ,minimalist garden.

The first step is to contact a professional like Damian of Landcraft Landscaping from the Canningvale region of Perth who has been creating stunning landscape gardens for over over 20 years. Beautiful gardens, restful spaces that calm the mind while revitalising your spirit

Certain Zen gardens provide cosy corners with outdoor seating and lounges help you to unwind, water features, wall art, cloud trees, mature ornamental trees planted into groups have been proven to connect people in happy & accepting ways. Painting the fence black creates the illusion of a private cosy courtyard. Organised pots with olives, fruit trees, or harvesting your own avocados, herbs ,fruits grapes, vegetables alway gives a feeling of achieving that little bit more while nourishing the soul. Just fence off the veggies or plant infront to cover the mess in-between growing seasons. To start the garden off on the right track remember this.... The soil is King, the mulch is Queen. I didn't put water into that mix because native plants & succulents don't thrive on too much water. Even grapes like to be a little starved of water to produce the essential quality resveratrol. Some clients ask me to build the frame work, set them up so they can enjoy planting. Most times I plant out my gardens when asked for a complete landscape service.

Not everything I mentioned goes into the one space, set your garden up like your house in a way, different rooms have different themes right. The art of modern and minimalist is having simple elegant areas, good quality seating, maybe multiple seating areas so the sun is alway on your back. Having the sun behind you makes the area an inviting space. If the sun is in your eyes while sitting, 'Umm', please don't invite me over.

All the best with your gardening endeavours.

Regards Damian.



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