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Damian Edmonds is a qualified stonemason, horticulturist, and landscaper based in Perth, Western Australia.
His small and friendly business is passionate about creating unique outdoor spaces that showcase the natural beauty of Perth. With years of experience in the industry, Damian is an expert in garden design, pond and waterfall installation, paving, soil preparation, reticulation, and plant selection.


He is dedicated to providing personalised solutions that meet his clients' needs and exceed their expectations. Whether you want a low-maintenance garden or a high-end design, Damian and his team have the skills and expertise to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Damian Edmonds
Damian Edmonds


As a qualified landscaper, horticulturist, and stonemason, I offer a range of services that can transform your outdoor space. From designing gardens to building ponds and putt

putt courses, my services can add value and style to your home. Contact me today to discuss your landscaping needs and get started on your dream outdoor space.

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(08) 9456 1830

0403 126 970

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